Privacy Policy

Last Updated : April 23, 2021

PacketStream respects the privacy of clients and users visiting our website. Personal information is collected in order to provider services such as web hosting, technical support and for data analytics and website security. Our privacy policy below outlines the information collected, reasons for collections, and how the data is used and may be disclosed. Our privacy policy may be modified and should the policy be modified, a notice will be displaced on this privacy policy URL, our forums and prominently on our website including the client portal.

Information Collected

When accessing PacketStream owned websites the page URL, referral, IP address, timestamp, browser, and operating system is collected. This information is used for security, logging and website data analytics. By placing an order, additional personal information is provided by your consent such as an email address.

Use of Information

PacketStream stores information such as email addresses in order to contact clients about orders, billing and invoices, technical support, order history and services announcements.

Payment information such as credit cards may be provided for recurring billing.

PacketStream collects only the minimum amount of data needed in order to fulfill an order.

Personal information such as IP addresses and IP location may be used in addition to create a fraud profile of an account in order to determine if an order will be accepted. Information provided for technical support including email address, domain name and information provided within a technical support ticket will be shared with PacketStream employees whom are working on the technical support case. Additionally a survey may be emailed at the completion of a technical support ticket. Use of technical support is additionally covered under the technical support Terms of Use that is available on the client portal when opening a support request.

Security of Personal Information

All connections to PacketStream's order system are encrypted through the use of SSL. The data sent between the end user and PacketStream's ordering system are encrypted. However, even with such encryption it is possible for a third party such as your ISP to see what URL is being accessed. When a credit card is submitted, the credit card data is encrypted before being stored within an internal database. PacketStream's client portal system is additionally protected by StackPath, a cloud based firewall and security system.

Third Party Access

PacketStream protects personal information of clients. Data may be disclosed under the following circumstances:
* If required by law due to a subpoena or court order.
* Information will be made available to PacketStream employees to carry out normal task such as requested technical support or billing.
* Trusted third parties that are required for normal business activities such as processing credit card payments or affiliates.
* Business transfers such as a sale or merger.

Only the minimum information necessary is shared with the third party.

Use of Cookies

PacketStream uses cookies for tracking of sessions across our website. These cookies identify your session and store information that may be required to fulfill an order. Cookies are also used to track referral links which may be used to track third party pages that led to a successful order of services. PacketStream also utilizes third parties in order to show re-targeted advertisements on third party websites.

International Transfers

If you are visiting PacketStream from outside the United States, please be aware that personal information is being sent to the United States where our servers are located. Personal information including collection, storage and use will be governed by this privacy policy.

Data Retention

Personal data is kept as long as there is a business need to keep the data. Personal information like payment history is kept for tax and accounting purposes.

User Control of Personal Information

Personal information can be controlled through PacketStream's account portal at under the update account section. If you are unable to make changes please contact PacketStream support( by using the contact page.

PacketStream honors requests to remove personal data, including content information to the extent allowed by law to PacketStream's own websites. Please be aware this privacy policy only governs PacketStream owned website, and does not cover websites not owned by PacketStream that may be with in PacketStream's network.